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The aim of the Chem-Dry St Albans and Hertford team is quite simply, to provide homes like yours within the Welwyn Garden City area with the most cost effective Welwyn Garden City rug cleaning service resulting in the most sparkling clean and dry carpets for your home.

YES – We are dedicated to providing your home with the highest standards of service and the rugs.

YES – Your rugs fringes and napp will receive a kind and thorough cleaning process.

YES – We will ensure there is no colour run whilst your rugs are being cleaned.

YESChem-Dry St Albans and Hertford rug cleaning service will cause minimal disruption to your home.

YES – Your rugs will be drier quicker – our process uses 1/5 less moisture then some other rug cleaning processes.

YES – Your rugs can be cleaned at your home or at our dedicated rug cleaning facility.

YES – Your rugs will be cleaned by a local business, which holds extensive knowledge of Welwyn Garden City and Welwyn and is supported by a national network.

YES – No hidden charges – you will know our exact charges before we undertake any cleaning.

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What does this mean for your home?

So no matter what Welwyn Garden City community you live in, whether it be Ayot Green, Coopers Green or Essendon, you will have complete peace of mind next time you use your locally based Welwyn Garden City Rug Cleaners – Chem-Dry St Albans and Hertford for all your rug cleaning needs.

We serve all the towns and villages of Welwyn Garden City including;

Ayot Green, Ayot St Peter, Birchall Wood, Brickenham, Burnham Green, Bushey Leys, Coopers Green, Digswell, Digswell Water, Essendon, Hall Grove, Hammer Green, Handside, Hatfield, Hatfield Garden Village, Hatfield Hyde, Hartingfordbury, Lemsford, Marden Hill, Mardley, Mardley Heath, Pearltree, Penshanger, Stanborough Park, Starborough, Tewin, Tewin Mill, Welwyn and Woodhall.

If you want reassurance the next time your home needs its carpets cleaned by a professional rug cleaner based in Welwyn Garden City, contact Chem-Dry St Albans & Hertford on 01727 840370The Welwyn Garden City Rug Cleaners.



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